Electric Car Charging at Cardigan Trading Estate

In a bid to reduce vehicle emissions at Cardigan Trading Estate, we have now installed two Dual 7kW Pod Point Electric Car Chargers which are powered by renewable energy. Our chargers are open to all, tenants and the public alike. 

Currently we are one of two charging stations with Pod Points in Kirkstall. The other is located at Benfield Motors.  Our Pod Point chargers are Type 2 with Single Phase AC. 

To access our Pod Points, they are located at the top left of our car park. You will need to download and register to the Pod Point app (available on Android and Iphone). While your car is topping up. Please enjoy one of the many lovely companies under our roof, be it a coffee or a gym session, it’s up to you!

We currently offer electricity benefits to our tenants. If you are interested in our office spaces available then please get in contact.

Pod Point Network

As of January 2022, Pod Point has over 5,200 bays on their Electric Vehicle Charging network. They have been voted the best universal EV charging network by UK drivers. This may be due to the fact they offer a no-subscription fee use, as it runs on a pay as you go model instead.

How do I start charging my Electric Car?

  1. Plug in your Electric Vehicle and your charge will start immediately.
  2. Select which Pod Point you are using on the map or search.
  3. Confirm your charge, and enjoy as you get that much needed power up!

If you would like to read more on Pod Point, here is an article on the ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette.’

Electric Car Chargers at Cardigan Trading Estate, Kirkstall, West Yorkshire Properties Ltd

How will EV charging points help to shape Leeds?

In order to learn how EV charging points will help to shape Leeds in the future, we must look to the past for why these are being introduced as a solution, specifically to West Yorkshire.

Quick history of Industry in West Yorkshire

Leeds and Bradford have been key cities in West Yorkshire ever since the dawn of economic trade routes and industry. With area’s like Kirkstall in Leeds, and Canal Road in Bradford. The geographic links to railway and canals have made transport of these areas boom, and with it, it’s industry. 

Both cities were home to thousands of workers, who migrated to work in factories during the Industrial revolution. As the revolution began to pick up steam through the Victorian period, the scale of construction of factory buildings, roads, bridges, and housing all began to drastically escalate. Changing the Kirkstall Valley environment forever. Originally the Kirkstall Valley was home to acres upon acres of forests surrounding Kirkstall Abbey. But as the Industrial revolution swayed through the valley, many of these acres became terraced inner city housing. 

With great construction of beautiful modern factories, the likes can still be seen in Saltaire, Bradford; came a lot of pollution. The canals and air would become unsafe for workers and wildlife, much of which remains today. Although a lot has been done in Leeds and Bradford to reduce the damage. 

A Sustainable Leeds

In 2015 there were floods caused by the Boxing Day storms, which flooded and destroyed a lot of the area in the Kirkstall valley. In an effort to rejuvenate the area, the Leeds City Council and local businesses bound together to prepare the area for any extreme weather to come. Currently, they are constructing a 1.8 metre clad concrete reinforced wall running alongside the River Aire, which is directly behind our property in Kirkstall. This is all part of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 2.

In 2022, we at West Yorkshire Properties Ltd (WYPL), installed some of the first Electric Vehicle chargers in the Kirkstall Valley. The EV chargers are vital in this area of Leeds not only for the sustainability of the area but also the social benefit they present. 

Cardigan Trading Estate, is right along the A65, a major route into Leeds from many other key places in Yorkshire. This allows us to be in a vital position to provide electric vehicles power for their journeys. It also allows us to provide the perfect pit stop for any EV charging customers as Cardigan Trading Estate is home to many different businesses.  

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