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Welcome to your Cardigan Mills Workspace & Offices tenant portal.


Workspace Entrance Way:

Keep the entry door locked at all times, this is for your security and that of the building.

Please do not park or block the double doors to the left, as this is used for deliveries.

To exit, press and hold the green button to release the door. In case of a fire break glass to release the door.

Workspace Hallway:

Please ensure that the hallway is clean and clear at all times.

Make sure any spillages are cleaned up and if you experience any structural problems, please contact Simon.

Offices Entrance Way:

Keep the entry door locked at all times, this is for your security and that of the building.

To exit, press and hold the white button to release the door. 

Office Stairs:

To minimise unnecessary injury, please guarantee that there is only one way of traffic if it is congested.

Office Kitchen:

Take care of the office kitchen as you would your own. Keep the area clean by washing up after each usage. Unless otherwise agreed upon with another tenant, you must only use your kitchen goods.


In all of the bathrooms onsite we have now installed our #3ToiletCommandments posters which include the following information:

#1 Keep our toilets clean & tidy: 

Please Keep our toilets clean & tidy like you would at home. Other people have to use them after you.

#2 Do Nots:

  • Do not wash crockery/cutlery in the toilet sinks.
  • Do not dispense food or chemicals in the toilets.
  • Do not stand on the toilets or toilet seats.
  • Do not deactivate or remove the locks on the toilet.

#3 Any problems? Then report.

We want to provide the best service possible, and to do this we ask that we work as a community to better the space.

Contact Details

If there are any spills or fast fixes, we would appreciate it if you could assist in cleaning things up. If there is a more significant cleaning problem like the toilets are dirty or there is excessive water on the floor, please contact:

Limitless Cleaning 07507111111

If there are any other problems, please report to:

Simon 07979052447

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